Stories of experiences

many ways… Over and over again came clients and their friends and told us stories of your ways and disappointments. Because these experiences are important and can help others, Here now the opportunity to communicate these stories. starts off and let you out.

Pink glasses !

Looking through pink glasses. The specialist training in Germany viewed through pink glasses looked at is wrong. It is stated repeatedly that in preparations for such a path as a physician, for example, to complete a training abroad, is very naive to deal with this topic. Since opinions of friends and / or acquaintances are…
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Working hand in hand!

Again and again we are asked by prospective customers, what`s FNG medical doing all for me. Now everything to the smallest detail everything here is very tedious to list and would each then but bored again.

FAQ – Foreign physicians

You are a Physician and want to make in Germany a specialist training ! Which organisation is competent for the recognition of foreign medical diplomas? What are the documents to be submitted for the recognition? What role does the citizenship play regarding the granting of the medical license? I have successfully completed my medical formation…
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